Daniel Levy’s £500,000 Reward: An update on Mauricio Pochettino’s potential Managerial Position

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It has been recently confirmed that Spurs’ chairman Daniel Levy has ‘rewarded himself’ a pay rise of more than £500,000, despite the continued pressure from fans amid concerns surrounding the club’s long-term future with Antonio Conte.

A look at Tottenham’s balance sheet as of June 2022 indicates a £3m increase in profits versus the previous calendar year.

Levy’s personal earnings surged to a handsome figure of £3.265m in 2022, compared to his already large retirement fund of £2.698m the previous year.

The total accumulated profits pocketed by Tottenham stood at £6.77m, a steady move up from the previous £4m. 

Tottenham’s failure to win any silverware since the turn of 2009 seems to have very little impact on the financial decisions made by those at the helm, with Levy being paid a salary of over £40m since our last trophy win.  

The general consensus for those that honorably support Tottenham ebbs closer to a narrative that reinforces a comprehensive revamp in ownership and unilateral control. 

Barring Levy, Tottenham’s board consists of six directors. 

This includes managing director of football Fabio Paratici, who is currently being tried with allegations that may ultimately result in him serving a lifetime, worldwide ban from football – and chief commercial officer Todd Kline – who’s efforts of securing a stadium naming rights deal has proven inept, following his almost three-year appointment to the role.

Donna-Maria Cullen, the club’s executive director, Matthew Collecott operations and finance director, director of football administration and governance Rebecca Caplehorn, and non-executive director Jonathan Turner make up the remaining members of the board.

The club also recently lost a proposed £42.5m sponsorship deal with South Africa.

“This deal, it ends here, today, now. Because there is everything wrong about the deal itself. There must be an investigation on this matter with immediate effect.”

Tandi Mahambehlala

The chairperson of the country’s tourism committee, Tandi Mahambehlala, spoke with disgust and discernment. Aiming at the gaps the directors seemed to “overlook” which ensured mutual transparency between both parties.

Tottenham’s financial statements further revealed that a staggering £300,000 have been wiped off the value of a sponsorship deal that was initially deemed as the first of its kind by Cullen in February of 2021.

VivoPower was named Tottenham’s ‘official battery technology partner’ a few years ago, the accounts currently reflect a massive decrease in the value of shares held in the company by the club, plummeting from £363,000 to just about £57,000.

While the accounts published on the club’s website do not list VivoPower under the ‘Investments in financial assets’ section, the drop in the value of the share is thoroughly detailed on the version listed on Companies House.

Vivopower are owned by global enterprise Arowana, for whom Cullen’s son, Alexander Assim, is an investment director.

“It is the first partnership of its kind within the world of football and shows the club’s intent to reduce its carbon emissions. The work of companies like VivoPower with businesses like ours could be seen in years to come as an essential part of limiting the impacts of climate change.”

Donna-Maria Cullen

One would think such discoveries would be concerning to the governing bodies that be, needless to mention the potential departure of Harry Kane, who is surely a major contributing factor to their growing profits.

Arrivederci, Conte?

Antonio Conte is set to be out of contract come season’s end – with very little movement towards the renewal of his deal. It is currently being reported that Antonio’s contract will in fact not be renewed, and he will leave at the end of Tottenham’s campaign.

Antonio Conte’s summer ‘EXIT’ – The managers lined up to replace him! Click here to read the FULL STORY about Conte’s possible departure!

Have your say! what’s your overall feeling about the potential dismissal of Conte? Who would you like to see replace him?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

An update on the managerial situation involving the out-of-work Mauricio Pochettino.

While Tottenham still have the option of extending Conte’s contract by an additional 12 months, the recent suggestions have more so embraced the Italian’s exit rather than his immediate retention.

The Lilywhites are currently monitoring Brighton’s boss Roberto De Zerbi’s situation among the latest links to Pochettino.


According to The Daily Mail, Spurs’ former manager slots perfectly in the role of replacing Conte if he does leave north London.

Daniel Levy’s closely-knit relationship with Pochettino is surely a determining factor if he was supposed to return, but it is also being speculated that other senior figures within the club still need further convincing over the Argentine’s potential reinstatement.


The 51-year-old would be a perfect candidate for Tottenham if Conte does quit the club, considering he is already familiar with the club’s structure and footballing culture.

Conte’s failure to effectively condition the team to a 3 at the back system has cost us more often than it should.

Tottenham has always seemed more progressive and competitive with a 4 at the back system, a system Mauricio used to unleash the full potential of a then-aging Spurs team.

If reappointed, he would now have the services of a more effervescent squad that is more capable of consistently competing amongst the European elites.

Having won a league title with Paris-Saint Germain, Pochettino would return to Spurs with his much-gained experience and sharpened instincts.

His in-game decisions have also clearly improved, the only flaw I truly saw in his time spent at N17. 

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